Looking for Worship Team Members

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Now is the time for worship

Come and join our worship team!

In the last couple of months during our start-up planning we have met with a few people that have said they knew some one that could play this instrument or that one.  I have

heard stories that seem like legends of those miracles yet unseen of people who love to play for the Lord.  Yet still a few brave souls have actually started to come along side of us in this pursuit of a team of worshipers that will lead us in praise of God at the start of our services.  So I know there have to be more out there.

If you don’t have a current church home and want to come and play please understand we can’t pay you to worship God.  I know that may disappoint a few of you, however the ones we are looking for are willing do it for the love of God.  Yes these people do exist and they have talents and skills that make the angels cry.  I have heard them in churches across the country.

We will keep worshiping God each and every Sunday till you find us, and we will be excited to see you when you arrive.  Till then we trust God that as we lift our voices on high He will hear the praises of his people.  Services begin at 10 AM every Sunday.  Hit the location tab to find us.  Answer the call … He is telling you this is the place.

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