To learn more about us you really need to come and meet us. We understand that you want to know something.  So let our mission statement give you an idea:

We exist to serve. When He sends us the hurt, we provide them healing care. When He sends us those who question, we help them find their answers. When He sends us those that feel condemned, we show them He has made them righteous. When God sends us the confused we provide direction, clarity and purpose. When He sends us those who feel unworthy, we are here to remind them what Jesus gave up so they are made clean. When He sends us the hungry, we will feed them. We rely on the power of the Holy Trinity and realize we are not alone. We are New Choices and we are here to be the “body” of Christ Jesus, where He send us we will go.

If you want to be part of a mission oriented, Christ centered group of people that are here to love you right where you are, right now, then this is the place for you.