From Pastor Rick

While I have been involved with ministry in one way or another for over 20 years I have seen many people that are still seeking for a spiritual relationship. They have some idea of who or what they believe God is, but when it gets down to it they really aren’t sure. There are always many reasons and questions behind this search. Some have had a bad experience with organized religious groups, some have been hurt or condemned, and many question what it really means to be a follower of Jesus when they look at the various people in their lives.

Before 1985 I was one of those still trying to figure it all out. I wanted to have my questions answered, but what often occurred, was some type of defensive reaction to what seemed basic questions of faith and understanding of God’s ways in the world. I struggled with why some people were judged by lifestyle while others were fully accepted for other obvious transgressions. Then one day I had an experience with the love of Jesus that changed my whole understanding.

I found a Jesus that loved me for all my mistakes. He loved me so much, that he died that I may live my life as I was fully designed by God to live it. When I looked for Him, I could find him. When I strayed, I felt alone again. I learned to spend more time with Him and less time seeking what the world had to offer. I was led to the ministry. Carefully I was allowed to become part of a ministry team. I was taught more about spiritual things and more about God’s plan for my life. I learned when I spent time listening, I often knew exactly what God was leading me to do in the moment of choice.

I was asked to teach. I prayed and sought the guidance to present the truth of a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. Often when I taught I would find God’s Word not only excited me more but also those that were listening. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I felt that each on of us were to find that personal relationship with God the creator, Jesus the Savior, and the Holy Spirit.

As I read the Bible it speaks of the Love of God. This is where I feel He has called me to teach from. I am a life that was changed by that love. I have been tasked to pass that on to others. A task that it is my daily joy to serve. My love for God is as pure as it can be. My love for His Word grows daily. My life has it own past, present and future. It is good to be about His purpose rather than wondering what mine was.

Come and give us a chance to show you the healing, empowering, wonderful love of a savior that has given everything He had so that you might live your life beautifully and wonderfully made.

Come to the Place for the Rest of Us!