Can I Pray for You?

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Believe in the power of prayer

Effective prayer avails much.

Sunday at the park we heard another story that illustrates how the conditions in our country are effecting those trying to survive on the streets of our cities and towns. The man told us his story about how his family, who is currently living out of a van, was struggling to get a home or trailer to live in. They where working with a local help agency and the agency had failed to show up to approve 3 attempts already to get them into a home.

His wife had managed to get and hold down a decent job, they had their share of the rent, and they just needed approval of the place to move into from the help agency. The help agency had failed to show up on time 3 other times and they lost the opportunities and kept trying. It could be their next step to getting reestablished again. To have the simple basic first step of having their own beds and a place to live in. I prayed silently inside during his explanation for God to show him the solution and give him strength.

Listening you would have to see his face as the struggle showed the stress and hopelessness it was creating.  At every job he applied they would shut him down because he could not give them an address where he lived. We don’t hire the homeless would be the next words he always heard.

It would have been easy to say have faith and can I pray for you. But, to do it effectively is much harder. I have found out that in life that words are not always enough. Sure it helps to listen to someone. Often that is a help in itself that is better than a token “I’ll pray for you brother” statement. Other though in times like these, it is stopping what you are doing and doing what I saw this wonderful woman do for him.

As we finished talking with him and giving him our full attention and some suggestions on how to keep checking in with the agency that was holding it up, she followed him as he left. By the way, just as a point of knowing this man’s wonderful heart. Here he is living in a van with 4-5 people, homeless and discouraged, and he came to the table with a wonderful watermelon to share with everyone else. As he walked away having delivered the gift, that is when I saw her show him the heart of God.

He had shared with us how discouraged he was, how much he wished he could do more to help his family. He wanted with all his heart to be able to help in the provision of his family, to feel productive again. It was apparent that there was a great deal of hurt and pain going on inside. She followed him back towards his van and stopped him with a hug. I watched how the tears began to well up in his eyes and the sobs started to pour out as he cried. She whispered gently into his ear that he was worthy and loved. That his life mattered to his family and to all of us.

As she continued to whisper into his ears you could see the pain begin to leave and the stress begin to fall. When it was all done and everything was said the love of God had changed this man and given him hope. See prayer is not always about salvation or establishing faith. Many times it is expressed by being the hands and feet of God. To speak life into someone that is struggling, to lift them up in word and in spirit to be healed of their struggles and pain.

It was then I heard that still small voice of the Holy Spirit whisper to me. Your thoughts and silent prayer, as you looked upon that man in compassion, have been answered. See I had prayed silently inside and held my mind to God sending this man comfort and peace in his struggles. God sent her to do the action. For a little while I had felt powerless and insignificant in helping him. This is a feeling any of us have when we can’t seem to offer a solution other than don’t give up and be strong in your faith.

So next time you pray silently for someone in your spiritual prayer closet, remember this story. You may not see the answer but know this for sure God is listening to your earnest request. He will send the one who can give them what they need in a moments notice. Perhaps they will be standing right next to you, and perhaps next time it will even be you.

Hold people in prayer in your life. Have faith that God hears and answers your prayers for them and watch for what He does. Praise Him and give Him the glory and watch what He can do in their lives.


Be Blessed and be a Blessing to someone!


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