The Power of Jesus’s Sacrifice

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John 11:25

Arise and Live

I am often amazed how simple it is to touch someone’s life with prayer and see the sudden change in them.  Seems like every week we are involved with prayer over someone in the name of Jesus and we watch as they begin to change.  Sometimes it is quite sudden in the difference, others it takes a bit more time to embrace the gift they have been given.

The most recent example was a prayer we said over someone recently speaking life according to the guidance we received during the prayer.  Now, the logical mind would say it doesn’t take the Holy Spirit to see what this person needed.  But, what the logical mind doesn’t realize is that logic doesn’t heal in prayer, Jesus through the Holy Spirit does.  So, when they returned this week with stories of all the small miracles in their life this last week, we just smile and remind them to keep seeking out Jesus’ plan for them because this is only the beginning.

What confuses me often is,  why when we are speaking to new folks just recently set free in the message of Christ’s sacrifice they readily accept the miracles and sometimes when I work with people who have called themselves believers all of their lives don’t see those very same miracles.  Notice I mentioned that they don’t see them, I didn’t say they were not still happening.  It perplexes me.  You see the newly saved are so steeped in the love they only see the grace.  Those who have hung out for a while forget or minimalize the grace.  I am reminded every week as we work with the homeless that “there but by the grace of God go I.”  I am blessed.  I am loved.  I have all my needs met and my grace is renewed every day.

Then there is another often heard statement that I often find myself working with others on.  It starts out something like this.  I am being punished by God, I have a price to pay for my sin.  I have scratched my head so many times hearing this I am starting to loose some hair on top.  Well ok, perhaps that is my age showing a bit.  But really?  Does God’s word tell me He will never leave me or forsake me?  Does it tell me that my grace is renewed each and every day?  Wasn’t Jesus’ sacrifice enough?  You see the bible tells me that is is not by works but by faith in Jesus,  that I am saved (made righteous before God).  Paul tells me we all fall short except by the grace.  So help me understand why if one is being cursed or punished, we all aren’t.  It is because they are looking at the wrong source of the their trials.

You see I am not talking about someone who has denied his faith.  I am not talking about someone that doesn’t know what they believe any more.  I am talking about those faithful ones that believe that God’s wrath is being expressed because of their weakness at any particular moment.  I repeat my questions.  Don’t we all fall short?  Then why I am I not seeing the same wrathful God?  Instead, I am seeing the love, the peace, the harmony, and often more self-discipline gift from the Holy Spirit that reminds me I am right on track with God’s plan in my life.  Why because I know where condemnation comes from.  It comes from the enemy, either inside (our memories) or outside (the enemy often working with our memories) but it comes because of what we are focused on.  Power or defeat.  Which one will you choose?  I choose the promise of God’s power in my life.

You see I can focus on my mistakes and find all kinds of reasons why God is not happy with me.  I spoke too harshly.  I waited too long.  I fell short this moment and that.  Or I can take that most recent failing and put it at the foot of the Cross.  You see when I read in the bible “It is finished.”  I believe it.  Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was enough for my shortcomings, my sins.  Will I fall short?  Sure.  Will I repent and feel separated?  Yes.  The question is how quickly will I seek to receive the promise of that grace being enough.  Will I lament in my separation or claim victory over my shortcomings and go back to relying on Jesus’ gift of the Holy Spirit to guide and counsel me?  I can focus on the promise.  I am a child of the most high God.  He will never leave me or forsake me.  I am forgiven, raised up, bought and paid for, and made new in my faith in Jesus.  It is not by my works but His that I am forgiven.

He is not punishing me.  Jesus died for me so that I might live.  I am not a tortured son or an abused child.  I am loved, cherished and planed for.  He knew me before my mother did and is the author and the finisher of my life.  Why would I expect any form of abuse and not see the daily miracles he works in my life and those around us?  Healing’s, deliverance’s  curses broken off, and people set free.  It is His work, it is His purpose, and He simply asked me to believe and to deliver the Good News.

So what are you seeing today?  Are you seeing the miracles big and small?  If not, perhaps it is time to take a look at what door you are knocking on.  Are you calling out to Jesus and inviting Him in, or waiting for the next round of abuse to fall into your life?  What is it you see?  I see the power and abundance of God’s grace through His Son!  I am seeing blessings and not curses.  I see the freedom to go before Him every morning and ask for what is next.  What do you have for me today Lord?

Be set free, be renewed, be blessed in Jesus name.

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