Happily Ever After

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Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing.

  ~Harriet Braiker

Is it possible?

If it sounds like it comes from a fairy tale you might be right. It all depends on your outlook on life and your relationship with God’s promises. You see often in our relationships we want that always happy experience. The problem is that we often forget that each and every one of us come with some baggage. That’s right no single one of us are perfect!

Ok take a deep breath I know for some of you that was a hard fact to take a look at. You where told perhaps by some one you where perfect. Even in that belief you stepped out of perfection in the eyes of God, who might guess has a pretty good idea what perfection looks like.

You see God see us in all our inperfections. The father knows each thought and action. His standard is higher than any of us might imagine and I just want you to know we can’t make it to perfection. Whew ok, at least for me that is a relief! It means if He loves me anyway He loves me even in my lack and inability to reach that state of being.

How perfect is that? Ok, sorry for the pun, but seriously if God can love me in my flaws then I have some hope and maybe some understanding what unconditional love looks like. Perhaps now is a good time to take a look at my relationships in a new light and spirit.

If God loves me as I am and Jesus came to teach us how to love God and each other then this seems like I might want to get this love thing down. What does love got to do with it? Ok sorry, again, but remember I am not perfect so the song comes to mind.  Love is the closest thing after all we can come to perfection.  We have great examples in the life of Christ of that kind of love.  We have the promises of expereincing the kingdom the closer we get to God and His love for us.

Next time I am getting hit with the need for perfection in my life it might just be a lot easier to look for the fruits of the Holy spirit instead.  I find life this way comes so much closer to my idea of perfection than that of speaking judgement and condemnation over people.  Speak life and have it more abundantly, Jesus said.  This seems to ring true for me on a daily basis.

Be Blessed and be a Blessing to some one today!


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