Good intentions

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The Heart of God

This has been an interesting week for me.  But of course, I am finding God rarely gives me what I would call normal weeks.  Once in a while I see a normal hour or two, sometimes even a day or two but rarely do I get a whole week that seems “normal”.  This week has been no exception.

About half way through the week, I have been presented with life searching lessons.  Both strange enough where about intentions.  So for those of you who are in a hurry, the basic lesson was no matter how good your intentions are they may not be received that way or they may not reach the goal of saving the world.  There now you can go on with your busy life and say to yourself but of course and what makes this guy think that he runs the world anyway.

First I want to put to rest the idea that I think I even effect the world except through the grace of God.  Without Him I can effect nothing.  Without taking the time to listen to His Holy Spirit, I don’t even know where to start.  Yeah for all you that live in doubt, I am really that reliant on my creator.  So, why would I be shocked in the area of my good intentions being misunderstood and not being well received.   Why would I think that taking care of the lost would change the fact that some will pass on to be with God no matter what we do?  I don’t but it still effects me each time it happens.

You see when we give from our hearts, we give a piece of ourselves away.   I read recently (wish I could remember the source) about a story of an old man sharing how he was once given a piece of someones heart that then changed his heart.  Then as he gave away a piece to others and to other aspects of his life.  His whole life and world around him changed.  This is the way I see the Holy Spirit work within every thing that I do.

Yet every once in a while no matter how pure the intent, I find that fire and piece of myself still falls short.  It does not achieve what I think that it is going to achieve.  Inside I feel like I could have done more, I could have done it better.  I reach for the most high goal and yet I don’t quite get that point across.  I figured out I can’t do it.  Yet like Paul I keep reaching and running that race.

Why would I do that?  Because deep inside where that fire of the Holy Spirit resides is that call to give and do what I can.  That is all that is being asked.  To love God with all I have (mind, body, and spirit) and to love others as I have loved myself.  From there I have to realize that my very best is still nothing in comparison to what God can do.  I have to release it and put it in God’s hands.

Will it be received as intended?  Who knows?  Will it achieve what I want it to achieve?  Only if it fits God’s will and purpose!   I have no part but to listen, obey, and surrender to the journey.  To love the best I can and let God take care of the rest.  I am but the tool in His hands, He is the master craftsman.  Sometimes we are working in fertile soil, ready to receive a planted seed.  Sometimes there are many weeds that need to be pulled first.   Sometimes the medium is soft and flexible, and other times is is granite hard stone that He is chipping away a piece at a time to form a masterpiece.

My only task to to ask and receive the tasks that I am given to perform at my best when being used.  He will sharpen me.  He will guide me.  He will use me as He sees fit.  I have no need to defend, to protect, or to judge the way I am used.  Just surrender to the process and be at peace in being in the Father’s hands.

Letting Go and Letting God!  My lesson for the week.  Hope some how it has spoken to you as well.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to Someone


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