Where is your focus?

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Where is your Focus?

I am a people watcher.  I watch where they put their time and what they talk about.  It is like a mirror into their spirit that starts to show patterns.  Some of those patterns show up based on age, upbringing, ethnicity, and other factors in their life.  However it mostly comes from their focus in life.

Let me give you an example.  I know a beautiful and talented young couple with one child and one on the way.  They write daily about food, their attempts at a music career, television and partying.  Often there are statements about “haters” (people who disagree with them) and how others show up in their life.  Common every day Facebook kind of stuff.  It shows a snapshot of what is important and where they spend their time.  Pretty average for the 20-30 crowd.  It goes deeper.

The comments are also a reflection of how their life flows.  It is often chaotic and with almost daily drama.  No accident when you see their favorite TV shows are reality drama shows.  I had to laugh last night as I read something to the effect that I couldn’t be a hater of a reality show because everyone knows we would all go on one if invited.  Just for the record I would not accept the invite and I don’t have any desire to be part of their “reality”.  I hear daily stories how this one has failed them and how they had to uninvite someone on their friends list.

Now lets look at another group of friends.  Everyday they post something about looking deeper into their faith.  They are asking God to be there for them.  On some days there are wonderful inspirational quotes or stories where God has shown up in their lives.  They often give God the credit for things that they accomplish thru Him and the things that are good in their lives.  They uplift the friends that need uplifting and support them even when it is hard to do so, just because that is what friends do.  I rarely see stories about disappointment and yet they share their struggles too.  They share cause they are asking for prayer and insight from their friends.

This group often speaks of blessings and have a feeling of peace about them.  They talk about how great church was that day or night.  They share music that lifts your spirit and inspires a closeness with God.  One even pointed out the link to a recent live Christian conference that I have been watching for the last two days that has been a life changing event for many online and present at the live event.  I received a wonderful bunch of teaching and some great music already that touched my spirit as well.

I woke up this morning with the Lord saying to me, “Where is your focus?”  What do you want more of in your life?  Am I your number one thought in your day?  Then He whispered into my waking mind.

That which you focus on the most is either the problem or the solution to the life you want.

Lord I want more peace and less drama.  I want more successful relationships and less failed ones.  I want to keep my word and not worry about those who don’t.  I want more of you Lord and less of me.  As I prayed  I knew what the 120 must have known as they came out of the upper room.  My focus was to be on receiving, chasing, striving for His gift of the Holy Spirit.  A gift given to me freely.  A gift promised to abide in me forever because Jesus had prayed to God the Father for me to have it.  I just had to decide to focus on what that Holy Spirit had for me from day to day and moment to moment.   To be in the world but not of the world.  To be about bringing the Kingdom into my life and those around me.

Hopefully as you read this you understand it is not for me to judge what is important in your life.  I only seek what is working or not working in my life openly so that it might get you as the reader to think about your own questions and answers.  Where is your focus?  What is working in your life the way that you want it to?  Does there need to be more of God in your life?  Do you remember the last time you felt His presence or heard from His Holy Spirit?  These are just questions and reflections on life.  Snapshots of the life I see around me, shared to get you thinking about what you want in your relationship with God.

I hope it blessed you today.  I pray every time I write something it will touch at least one person’s heart for God.   Focus on your heart’s desire for out of it comes the issues of life.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to someone today!


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