The Face of Grace

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Gace isn't always pretty

Treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be, and he will become what he can and should be. ~ Goethe

He came up to the table walking slowly and carefully, head bowed, face sun burnt, in clothes that hung loosely around his body. As I looked into his face I saw that his nose had just barely healed, the blood still caked on from a fall or a fight, it is always hard to tell.  In his face the look of defeat and tears welling up in his eyes as he humbled himself to ask for food.  He looked us straight in the eyes and said “I am stupid and I am homeless!”  The tears began to flow down his cheeks.  I looked back at him and said “You are not stupid!  But are you hungry?”  Denie standing beside me said, “Come here.” as she wrapped her arms around him and the sobs began to flow as I watch him melt into the hug.  She whispered into his ear the love of God.  Not in chapter and verse as many might expect but in the message of God that he was worthy and we where there to remind him that he mattered.

He lifted his head up and waited for what was next.  The line of volunteers where all speechless for a moment as they each processed the pain they felt that was going through this man’s spirit. Quickly they recovered and they began to help him get his food and find a place to sit.  April helped Denie as they started his plate, and as he passed down the line there was Alex and Joe (the loving newbies to the table) as they helped him get his desert and Alex walked him to the table.

I call Alex a newbie because she has only been a few of times.  But her and Joe have the hearts of veterans and are amazing!  Both of them still sorting out their faith and their peace with past hurts from religious people and yet they walk with loving hearts, sacrificial giving of their time and own food, and they honor each person as they come through the line.  The grace of God shines through them as they work as He continues to work with their hearts.

Alex sat there across from the man and spent time with him.  Before too long you would have thought they where long lost friends instead of having just newly met.  She got his bike and backpack and brought it over while he continued to enjoy his food.  She answered his questions and told him the credit for the cooking went to Denie.  He jumped up, renewed in his step and in his spirit to come and thank her.  Rewarded with another hug he mentioned how much better he felt and he knew he could continue on.

In my spirit I hear that Holy Spirit whisper “Ask her, (Denie) How does it feel to know you saved a life today?”  I turned and repeated the question and now it was her turn to have the tears well up in her eyes.  It never gets old to know that something you do changes someone’s life if only for a moment.  A lesson I see repeated every weekend.  Won’t you help us continue to help this wonderful ministry?

I watched as the man came again to thank us.  His heart full of gratitude and thanks.  He had a smile on his face and new life in his spirit.  The grace was upon him and new life was instilled into his journey.  God bless you all and more was said before he sat back down.  It would be amazing to touch a life like that just once in a lifetime, however I think God has a whole lot more for us to touch.

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