Deaf to the concert of life?

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Ears to hear?

In my reading this morning I came across this parable:

A deaf man buys a ticket to a world famous concert pianists.  The concert includes an orchestra and all it’s glorious pieces.  In finding his seat he decides he wants to be in the middle of the orchestra.  He sits there as the concert begins, he can’t hear a single note.  He doesn’t watch the people playing the music or the way they perform.  There is no joy in watching their passion as they perform.  He is simply upset he can’t hear the music.  He trades his ticket for a seat in the first balcony and still hears not a sound.  He begins to get angry about how this pianist can be considered such a talent, what do they hear that is so special?

He moves around to different places in the concert hall, all to no avail.  He can’t hear a single sound and his eyes are unwilling to see the beauty of the performance and the joy on the faces of others.  He becomes angry and leaves shouting that the pianist can not play and that the hall is poorly designed for sound.

We can see his problem so very easily.  It is apparent to us from the beginning of the story.  The trouble is within himself.  No matter where he sits he will never hear the beautiful sounds.  The solution is not just in the changing of his sitting place.  The only way is for him to change, is to fix what is keeping him from hearing.  He must overcome his deafness.  He can do this quite simply by accepting himself and finding other ways to enjoy the performance.  He must change himself.

This parable applies to so many aspects of life.  We can apply it to all of our problems and challenges.  We see disharmony from a point of spiritual lack within ourselves.  When we start seeing the true spiritual nature and beauty of life our perspectives change along with it.  When we seek harmony we will find it.  God promises us to meet our needs, to heal our pain, and to love and support us.  He will use all things(including challenges and weaknesses) to our good.  That promise doesn’t say that bad things won’t happen.  It does say that God will use it to our benefit.

Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand! Matthew 11:15 [show]ERROR: You have exceeded your quota of 5000 requests per day. Please contact the developer of this application if you have questions. (If you're the developer and have questions about this error message, please contact Crossway.)
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(New Living Translation)

There are many ways to listen.  Listen with your ears, listen with your heart, and listen with your spirit are just a few.  Just as there are many ways to see something.  Don’t miss the beauty of life by closing your spirit to the beauty that God has for you.  Live life from it’s possibilities and not from it’s restrictions.  He sets before us life that we might have it!  Choose life and live it more abundantly starting today.  It is a choice I highly recommend!

Be well, be blessed, and be a blessing to someone today.


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