What Do You Cling To?

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What Do You Hold On To?

Last night while in a bible study with another pastor (yes I need time to sit back and learn also) I heard this statement from Beth Moore:

“You are today, what is the memory you hold on tightest to. Your present tense life is based around that memory.” ~ Beth Moore

Anyone who follows Beth’s teachings knows that she mentions very infrequently that she is a victim of abuse.  Her teaching last night she used a box to illustrate this idea of holding onto memories.  What is it that we keep in our box?  How tightly do we hold onto that box?  Do we hold it close to our heart or do we wear it on our sleeve?

Let me give you an example.  I know people that introduce themselves this way for example:  Hello my name is Susy and I am divorced.   Or my name is Rita and I am a abuse survivor.  Their past memory defines who they are and they keep it in front of them with each step they take.  It is rhe reason they act out life the way they do.  It is the justification for the way they respond to others around them.  When we are justifying our behavior we are not listening to the Holy Spirit in our lives.

I have someone very close to me that is a victim of abuse from someone close to her.  I see her every day.  I love her deeply.  Those that know her, often don’t know she is abuse victim, and those that know she is, often forget when they talk to her or in the way they treat her.  If you ask her she is so much more than a victim because she let all of that go years ago.  It isn’t a memory that she holds on tightly to.  It is one that she put down many years ago.

Has she forgotten?  No she still remembers and can’t often understand why others hold so tightly to memories so destructive in their life.  The wounds can come to the surface when someone close to us strikes out at her no matter where her heart was or the intent of her love for them.  And yet she doesn’t strike back, she goes for the peace and prays for them to be released of their pain and find joy and peace in their own lives.

We need to cling to memories that bring us the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  You know them, Peace, Joy and Harmony to name a few of them.  Our most prominent and defining memory needs to have all of that and more in it.  This will bring us strength.  We can remember our blessings or we can remember the curses.  We can choose life or we can choose to die in our pain.  We follow the peace and it is the road less traveled that has made all the difference in our lives.

If I come into life expecting the worst, then most likely that is what I will receive.  If I come into life looking at all the ways God has blessed me, than in my gratefulness and joy I have often found yet another blessing.  When friends or family are struggling my prayers are based in the promises of healing, joy, peace, provision and the list goes on and on.  Each prayer speaks life, I hold in faith that God will bring His best for them if they will only allow it and open themselves to receive it.

So ask yourself, what memory are you holding tightly to?  Is it one where life is always a challenge?  Or is it one where God’s blessing flow frequently?  What do you hold next to your heart?  Are you in a struggle now?  Remind yourself of the good things that have happened.  I know sometimes it is hard, very hard.  God hears your cries, He knows your need.  Watch for your miracle and until them remember the good that has come your way, for His hand was in it then and will be in it now, if you will just let Him.

May you find the peace, in all your situations.  You will see God’s handy work as He answers your prayers.  If you are buried deep in the struggle a huge blessing could be before your eyes and you will never see it through the tears.   The word tells us that blessing or curses are set before us that we might choose life and have it more abundantly for not only ourselves but for our family.

Be blessed and be a blessing to someone today.  May God touch your heart with this and change what you hold so tightly to.  Follow the peace it will lead you to Him.

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