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New Choices Fellowship Church Logo

Welcome to New Choices Fellowship

The other night as we were out doing outreach April and I found ourselves talking about the work that had been done on the logo.  We have been excited since the early conception of it to speak towards the vision of what we feel God has called us to.  Each step to creating anything new takes ideas and work, but foremost it requires the inspiration from God to make it all work.

We had a board meeting and Kirstan Davidson “just happened” (God is good to meet all our needs) to come in to visit her future mother-in-law.  Kirstan is a talented young woman with a marketing degree.  We asked her to come up with a concept for a logo that would express the mission of the church as we described it to her.  She listened carefully and was excited to help us.  We could offer nothing more than our thanks and still she took it on.  She brought together her resources and brought back a rough sketch of what you see to the left.  It was obvious to all of us God was giving her the vision of what we were all being called to.

If you look closely you will see many different parts to the logo.  Let’s work from front to back.  Notice first the wheat fields that represent the harvest.  For those of you reading this that don’t speak Christianize the harvest represents reaching those people that have yet to hear of the loving sacrifice that Jesus made that they would know the love of God and be made righteous before him.  They are ready to hear the good news, yet they are looking to be picked.

Next you will notice the pathway and the footprints.  Many of you may have read the poem “Footprints In The Sand” by Mary Stevenson.  The last line of the poem is the Lord’s response of ““The times when you have seen only one set of footprints in the sand, is when I carried you.”  You see we believe the Word of God when it says “I will never leave you or forsake you”.  Thus the footprints are there to remind everyone that God is there for them.  A simple, yet faith based request for Jesus to come into your heart is all that is needed.

Along the path you will see the green fields.  This represents those who are growing in their search for God.  They haven’t made up their mind yet what they believe but they are asking questions and reaching for the sun that represents “The Son of God”.  They need to be watered and cared for.  They need to see the love of God.  They need tender care and the weeds removed from their lives.  We don’t explode into a field of new plants, we walk tenderly and carefully to tend to their needs so that they may see the love of Christ in that care.

Now to the sun representing Jesus.  Oh what an awesome love He has to help us grow.  He reigns over those that are ready and those that have yet to know what they will grow into.  He is the light, the truth and the way.  His love will burn out all the weeds of doubt, of unworthiness, and empower each of us to the full potential we were created for.  His calling will come to each of us to take the path he will put us to.  A personal path and journey not one assigned by some one else.

The amazing thing in this story was that as we presented just a rough sketch of this to the person we were working with he saw one more thing we hadn’t thought of.  The rays radiating out of the Son, were all those paths each one of us could take as we are led by our personal relationship with Jesus.  The rays continue to feed the fields and to do the work of the the Son.  As each of us are taught the promise of the good news we can grow to the point of leading and helping others to grow.  Often called discipleship, it seems like a difficult task, yet it seems we are just to shine in the light of the Son and our work will begin.  Even though he hadn’t been there during our meetings and prayer this simple logo showed him he was wanted and welcome.  This simple logo reached beyond the pain he had experienced with churches before and told him there was a chance we meant what we said.

As you can see it represents much work to be done.  We will be presented with people at various points of their journey.  Each one in need of healing, love and tender care.  Each one needing to feel accepted and wanted in the team that is created.  Each one helped to find the purpose they where called for.  Some will come damaged, some will come whole, each one will be accepted and loved for where they are right now.

New Choices Fellowship – The Place For The Rest of Us!

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