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Article on Channel 6 news

We are coming up on our 6 year anniversary as a church with me as senior pastor.  During that time we have gone through many stages.  We started out in an old warehouse, moved to being a home church, and then back into a wonderful meeting place.  Over these years the mission hasn’t changed.  It continues to be to love on those that often find themselves in the status of feeling unloved.  In that call we have been involved with feeding the homeless with Mosaic Street Ministries, Boise Love Inc., and Global Mission Ministry and Training Center.  God has blessed us with many mentors and other beautiful people that have come alongside us to mentor us and teach us.  This includes many of the rejected and less fortunate that often prove to teach the deepest lessons.

Since May the story has been made even more interesting as we move towards the idea that even a couple of people determined to make a difference can.  I have left full time employment to work for God’s call full time.  We (April and I) experience more daily peace together as we work side by side with our friend Forest to put this endeavor together in order to take a small idea into one that will make a difference in the way we all look at those less fortunate then we find ourselves.  I have learned that being blessed is always an opportunity to bless others and more often than not whatever challenge I face there are always those going through worse events in their lives.

In surrender to a call that I felt no where near qualified to be part of, I have watched God provide the wisdom and the fellowship to take each step along the way.  God doesn’t always call the qualified as much as He qualifies the called.  It continues to be a wonderful exercise in trusting God daily.  From God using a once homeless man when he first met us to take us to our current place of worship to using yet another homeless man to point our farm project out to the media has he struggles to get his own life back on track.  I could write for hours on how God has orchestrated the coming together of the farm, but I would loose many of you along the way.  Let’s just use it to say this, when you make a choice to serve God in a dream or vision He has given you, He will move heaven and earth to make your service and sacrifice glorify Him along the way.

So that brings us around to those that might be finding us for the first time.  You saw the news story and want to help.  We are currently at a crossroad for getting food in the hands of others in time for winter feedings and getting ready for next spring.  The greenhouse has to be completed.  We are just barely finishing the financing of the farm and all funds are on hold.  We need several material things (plumbing, electrical hookups and wiring, tanks, source for fish, and the list goes on).  Up to this point everything has been paid from my retirement account and it is our prayer that as all of this comes together others who don’t want to put their hands to the plow (so to speak) will find it in their hear to donate.  If we find enough interest we will start a GoFundMe account or some other way for you to do so.  Until then you can comment here or on Facebook my Facebook account.

Watch here for now.  I will setup a separate Facebook account and web site when I have the time.  But for now you can reach us here or on Facebook.  Thanks to the many who have already responded to the TV news clip and offered to help us here on the farm.  We will keep in touch.

By the way if you are one feeling called to donate at this time.  You can do so by sending your donations to:

Pastor Rick Dorey

5445 W Highway 52

Emmett, Idaho, 83617

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